Start-ups, e-commerce and BFSI firms are early adopters of SDDC: Vineet Panwar, CEO, CI Infotech


CI Infotech is a strategic system integrator which helps companies across verticals to bridge the gap between business needs and the spectrum of IT solutions. The New Delhi headquartered company, with a robust experience of over 23 years, has worked through the needs of the fast-growing IT industry over the last 20 years.

The company’s teams of experts have been ensuring that they align the IT solutions to suffice the business requirements of enterprises with utmost precision and agility.

Data centre demand

As data is becoming ever more significant and is an important fuel to drive businesses today, the requirements for data centre solutions have been dynamic and on the surge. 

Vineet Panwar, CEO, CI Infotech, says, “The data centre domain will transform completely, although customers will keep buying infrastructure – compute, storage, security, and virtualisation on DC; however, the majority will be used for hosting cloud solutions. Looking at the current market condition, people will need 100 per cent uptime and availability to access resources from everywhere. A lot of consolidation will happen in the near future and mostly major players like Amazon, Microsoft, CtrlS and the likes of them will remain in this field as it will not be viable for small players. We are also seeing that several customers are moving towards buying solutions on consumption based model and hosting them in-house as well.”

Services provided

CI Infotech provides IT Infrastructure like compute, storage, networking, security and surveillance, complete operations and management including BCP of data centres.

“Any big company which is providing services on-the-go, uses data centre solutions extensively. Data centre demand is increasing significantly on a Y-o-Y basis. New start-ups are substantial users of data centres these days as they do not want to spend much on infrastructure; rather they see value in utilising resources for business growth. Also, start-ups, e-commerce and BFSI companies are the early adopters of software defined data centres (SDDC),” says Panwar.

Catering to the customer needs

CI Infotech is well-equipped with experience and certified technical professionals for DC operations and an array of technology partners on-board like VMware, RedHat, SUSE, Microsoft, among others, for infrastructure. Panwar informs, “We talk to customers on both conventional data centre or on-premise, or hosting it on a third party DC. Primarily, these days, we are talking to customers for HPE GreenLake which offers solutions on a pay-per-usage model.”

Best practices and future roadmap

CI Infotech largely engages in putting best industry standard practices, securing customer environment from in-house or external threats by securing different layers in an organisation and ensures periodic reviews.

“We are focusing on digital transformation, RPA, IoT and also educating customers on moving from conventional hardware procurement cycle to using infrastructure, security, and service on pay-per-usage basis which is easy to deploy, flexible and cost effective in addition to our existing conventional IT services. The industry is moving towards 100 per cent uptime, availability and ease of use in a secured environment which enhances productivity of human capital and resources and offers best RoI, while keeping the growth of the overall eco-system in consideration,” concludes Panwar.



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