‘We will increasingly see a hybrid IT world and Edge data centres’

Anirudh Shrotriya, Managing Director, Shro Systems

A key element of IT infrastructure and a prominent business contributor for system integrators, the data centre domain itself is undergoing transformation, with the emergence of software defined data centres, cloud and hybrid IT environment

Data centre forms a significant proportion of business for system integrators in India, and also facilitates ancillary business opportunities. It is, undoubtedly, among the major focus areas for the partner ecosystem across the country. Being present in the IT trade market for over 28 years, Pune-based Shro Systems is tapping the data centres business opportunities with its portfolio of offerings, expertise and unique business value propositions.

Speaking about the market demand in the data centre domain, Anirudh Shrotriya, Managing Director, Shro Systems, says, “The  Indian population is rapidly going the digital way. The enormous number of internet userbase, consuming active mobile data via connected devices, is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Continued internet penetration is furthermore expected with Government of India supporting public investment in large scale digitalisation with its ‘Digital India’ scheme, and with the transition of telecommunications providers to high-speed 4G LTE, and the soon to come 5G wireless technologies. This presents a huge demand for data centre infrastructure. We see huge demand for new age software defined data centres (SDDC) and Edge data centres, which will drive the new data economy.”

Shro Systems offers an array on data centre solutions and services to its customers, which include, migration and co-location, managed services, private cloud, data centre care support, among others. The company caters to a clientele spread across different industry verticals, such as BFSI, telecom, ITeS, and manufacturing.

Cloud services providers (CSPs) will be among the first adopters of software-defined data centres, believes Shrotriya, adding that his company has built various competencies and capabilities to cater to customers in this age of SDDC – certifications, hands-on knowledge on hyper converged infrastructure solutions, as well VMware SDDS solution, to name a few.

“We work with vendors such as HPE, VMware, Microsoft, Nutanix, Citrix, Aruba ,Redhat and many others. As our strategy to present our data centre solutions to customers, we provide simplified management, reliable and scalable solutions to reduce cost of ownership, virtualisation of workload, scale out solutions, powering the edge data centre for the IT/OT,” informs Shrotriya.

Cloud is, unarguably, is a key component in the digital transformation journeys of enterprises. However, with its agility, cloud has brought security concerns among the CIOs and CISOs. In order to address these and keep customers assured of security, Shro Systems follows several industry best practices for cloud-based applications of its customers and protecting the data centre from ransomware or DdoS attacks. Some of these best practices include, backing up data in encrypted format, secure access for cloud application and data centre workload, secure network infrastructure, and maintaining strong network architecture.

Speaking about the market trends and focus areas in the future, Shrotriya comments, “Data centre infrastructure requirements – in both traditional and Edge data centres – will continue to see significant growth  and we foresee this space as a focus area for us. We will increasingly see a hybrid IT world and Edge data centres as we progress. This is an exciting time for us, as we are ready with the technology required for this paradigm shift and we will be able to make customers achieve better business outcomes. All customers will like their data centres to be agile to meet hybrid requirements.”


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