Govt vertical is a major business driver for BMG Informatics


In the year 2003, BMG Informatics was started by providing IT hardware, and later moved to a full-fledged software business.

“After working with a technology company for sometime, I started BMG (Business Management Group). It was in the product perspective which is reflective of its name. Initially there was limited strength in terms of capital and manpower, but the story is totally different now. Today, my system integration business caters to almost all government verticals in the Northeast of India. I have tied up with several blue chip companies like IBM, HP, Dell, Juniper, Cisco, etc. Since in the Northeast there are hardly any private sectors, so I engage in business with the Government sectors,” says Bhaskar Kalita, MD, BMG Informatics.

The company does business with oil and refinery companies; hydel power companies; educational institutions and others.

“Education is a big sector as every state has colleges, universities, NITs, IIMs. We also work with healthcare and disaster management departments, Panchayat and rural development, NRC and also smart cities in Guwahati,” he informs.

The company’s other service offerings include facilities management, IT enabled services,
IT consultancy, software and website development, visualisation, cloud computing, IT infrastructure development, third party maintenance, system integration and training and education.


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