I-Tek Logics closely works with the govt on many central projects

Gurpreet Singh Jolly Managing Director I-Tek Logics Pvt Ltd
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I-Tek Logics Pvt Ltd has established itself as an important player in the industry segment it operates in, within a short time. Gurpreet Singh Jolly, Managing Director, I-Tek Logics Pvt Ltd says, “Today’s technologies are blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres of industrial production systems. We are a group of professionally managed people helping our clients to bridge the gaps and optimise their production capabilities by using technology acceptable to the lowest level of their work force. Our expertise is in solutions related to production optimisation, security, retail, etc. We are currently engaging our team to gather expertise in IoT to help our customers to get more optimisation from their existing systems.”

Jolly believes that emerging technologies are bringing them closer to their customers. “Traditionally we were only seen as an IT hardware/software supplier dealing with IT departments, but with the emergence of new technologies we are consulting with more than 60 per cent of their departments, be it finance, marketing & sales, production etc.,” he explains.

“Also, we are closely working with the Government on a number of central projects, helping them with achieving the efficiency required to serve the people of the country by providing services online. Our solutions are helping in making people’s life easy,” adds Jolly. He points out that initial profitability with new technology driven projects is not very high, being in a seeding period. But once these technologies reach some maturity, the profitability increases multi-folds.

Focus on training
The company’s best practices around next generation technologies include training its people on that particular domain and giving them time to practice the same in their own labs. Upskilling and reskilling of the internal team is an important aspect for the company, to address the customers’ current and future needs.

“We receive very good support from our vendors. By offering different programs/trainings they enable us to do more by ourselves, hence increasing the bottomline of the company,” states Jolly.

Lack of capital is sometimes a challenge though, he indicates.

Future road map
The company has witnessed growth of more than 30 per cent year-on-year, in the last two-three years. In the future, Jolly and his team are focused on continuing the growth pattern and and remaining ahead of the technology curve.

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