​Oracle’s technology and partner ecosystem help companies thrive amidst recent challenges: Doug Smith

Doug Smith, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategic Partnerships and Global Partner Ecosystem, Oracle

Despite recent challenges faced by customers, such as health concerns, economic uncertainty, and retaining employees, there is a growing need for companies to become more efficient and effective. Oracle recognizes that companies need dependable tools, processes, systems, and data, along with a vibrant partner ecosystem to deliver end-to-end solutions. Oracle’s technology and partner ecosystem help customers transform their business processes and bring in new business models. Oracle understands that customers operate in heterogeneous environments, and therefore, their technologies work seamlessly with other technologies to offer a great customer experience.

Speaking to CRN India, Doug Smith, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategic Partnerships and Global Partner Ecosystem at Oracle, says “We want to make sure that our technologies work well with others to ensure a great customer experience.”

Co creating opportunities for partners
Oracle has collaborated with integrated software partners to co-create solution opportunities. They have jointly developed over 40 industry solutions spanning diverse sectors such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Oracle brings their technologies and subject matter experts, while their partners contribute their own technologies and expertise. Together, with partners Oracle jointly selling digital transformation in a box.

Oracle has an extensive network of partners, some of which have been collaborating with for years. In India, Oracle has more than 600 partners that have served over 15,000 customers. Oracle’s autonomous database presents partners with several new opportunities as they collaborate to migrate customers from databases on-premises to the cloud. Oracle also focuses on the healthcare vertical and acquired Cerner last year to enhance its electronic medical records space. Oracle partners are collaborating to build an ecosystem that supports this development.

The Indian market is backed up by services providers such as WIPRO, TCS, and Cognizant, which are not only important locally but also globally. Oracle partners with these companies to innovate new solutions that create maximum impact, innovation, and success for joint customers. “India is an important country for Oracle due to its leading edge in technology, and Oracle is focused on working more closely with its partners to further enhance the customer experience,” Smith affirms.

Scouting for ISVs
Oracle sees an opportunity to expand with independent software vendors(ISVs) and platform partners. They are focused on key technology areas like AI and machine learning, making sure customers have access to the data technologies they need in a cloud environment to gain insights. Oracle is proactive in finding partners for their marketplace as part of OCI, exposing them to their salesforce and customers. They’re also working on industry solutions, ensuring their technologies work seamlessly with other applications and bringing ISVs excited to work with them onto their platform.

Smith agrees that security is a top concern for both customers and partners. Oracle has been focused on security for years, and has incorporated it into the design of its cloud infrastructure. As a result, applications brought onto our platform benefit from this secure environment. While there is always room for collaboration with specific security partners, Oracle’s cloud infrastructure ensures that customers are receiving the security they need in a market where security is of paramount importance.


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