There is a definite increase in the number of Indian MSMEs moving to the cloud to fast-track innovation: Kunal Singhal, MD, EAZY ERP

Kunal Singhal, MD, EAZY ERP

The MSME sector was perhaps the most affected sector last year, given the unprecedented challenges of 2020. However, this is one of the most resilient sectors as well, with signs of a slow but steady recovery on the horizon. The bulk of today’s modern MSMEs have come to understand why a strategic approach to digitalization is key to future-proof their business success. Kunal Singhal, MD, EAZY ERP shares the cloud can be considered a great equalizer for MSMEs

How do you see the tech adoption in the Indian MSMEs compare vis-à-vis global peers?

In the last couple of years, Indian MSMEs have become more progressive in embracing new technology paradigms. Unlike the large enterprises that have vast resources for massive technology projects and a large pool of skilled tech personnel, MSMEs prefer much more simplistic, self-service (do-it-yourself) technology rollouts that result in quick and direct business impact. In this regard, the cloud can be considered a great equalizer, with MSMEs now able to access the very same enterprise-grade, secure, modern technologies available to large enterprises. There is a definite increase in the number of Indian MSMEs moving to the cloud to fast-track innovation.

How EAZY ERP working with MSME and what are some of your key offerings

EAZY ERP solution enables MSMEs to streamline various disparate operational processes and achieve operational excellence, helping them better engage with their end customers, while reducing operational time as well as costs. With a smoother day to day operations, MSMEs can enhance productivity and profitability, optimize resource utilization, and reduce budget, enabling them to invest more in strengthening their core competencies.

We offer MSMEs a comprehensive suite of business management solutions that span ERP, Distributor Management System (DMS), Sales Force Automation (SFA), Payroll, Asset Management, CRM and also custom solutions for various industries.

Further, we offer a hybrid model of user licenses, i.e “Unlimited User License” for MSMEs who are unable to decide upfront how many users they need access controls, in addition to a “pay per module” for companies that have limited users.

Can you share few specific examples of how EAZY ERP has helped its customers simplify their business?

Let me share two recent customer success stories.

The first one is MDH, the hugely popular spices company. Though they were using a renowned ERP system, their employees were often overwhelmed with the complicated processes. They were using Tally software in parallel. Eventually, they chose our solution, which easily integrates with Tally software, so they were able to continue using it the way we’re doing it earlier. Also, EAZY ERP’s extremely friendly user interface helped them use the new system without much effort.

Vidhyut Control, a leading manufacturer of electrical control panels, was using an on-premises ERP system for the past 20 years. Here again, their Finance department personnel were using Tally software simultaneously. The management team wasn’t able to get accurate insights on the finances and there were data inconsistencies. By choosing EAZY ERP, they were able to improve data accuracy, given the easy integration with Tally software. Vidhyut gained better visibility into pricing data, eliminated effort duplication and achieved better cost-effectiveness overall.

How did you cope with the pandemic, as an organization? And specifically, how did you support your customers during the challenging times last year?

Last year was a wake-up call for the industry at large. However, we adapted quickly and took our customers into confidence to support them remotely. We also brought down the overall implementation time to under 21 days. Since the entire operations of our clients are automated, fortunately, we didn’t have to struggle too much, as 70% of work could be done and managed through ERP.

Beyond technology support, we also supported our customers via price discounts on AMC and cost waivers in certain cases, while continuing to offer services as a goodwill gesture.

We act as trusted advisors to our customers, keeping them abreast of the latest trends, policy updates while continuing to provide right, timely technology guidance to them – to help them future-proof their business.

Tell us about Oracle’s partnership and how cloud infrastructure is the key to your next growth phase?

Today, MSMEs want enterprise-class, best-of-breed technology solutions at the lowest costs. This can only be made possible with scalable cloud-led innovation. So a modern, secure, robust cloud infrastructure is definitely the foundation for our business success. We weren’t getting enough value out of our previous cloud partnership, so we tried Oracle’s second-generation cloud infrastructure and saw an instant improvement in application performance to the tune of 20%. Our end customers were very impressed with this improvement as well. The Oracle team worked very closely with us throughout the migration, ensuring the process was very smooth. We now have a highly available, strong cloud foundation to expand our innovation efforts and improve agility. In addition, we have achieved 25% more cost savings by moving to OCI, allowing us to offer the lowest TCO to our end customers.

What innovations can your customers expect from you over the next 12 months?

We are currently working on enhancing the capabilities of our EAZY DMS solution and will be introducing the Distributor Chain for the retail segment. We are expanding our focus to add more rural distributors to our client mix. On the technology stack, we will augment our suite with native and hybrid mobile application capabilities.


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