We want to pioneer Big Data Analytics to meet upcoming requirements: Sandeep Vahi, Director, Compton Computers


Sandeep Vahi, Director, Compton Computers talks about the best business practices and how it has helped the company achieve the desired results

Q. Briefly tell us about your journey as an IT solution provider?
We started in 1996 as a software training institute and ventured into IT hardware the same year. We initially started with assembling our own desktops but as volumes started building up, we became partners for PCL. We were awarded the top reseller award by PCL in the year 1997. Then, we bgan our journey with HCL in 1998 and were given many awards for our sales performance in 1999 and 2000. Subsequently, we became partners for HP and later opened up HP World retail outlet in Delhi. We have served over ten thousand customers and the numbers are growing every day.

Kamal Vahi, the co-director of the company, has initiated inroads into the enterprise segment. With this approach, we have started adding SMB and enterprise customers to our customer base.

Q. What all best practices should be followed by a solution provider to become one of the leaders in the industry?
Automation of our own processes is key to success. We were always on top of our customer database, which we felt was a big gap with entrepreneurs. All internal processes have to be automated like HR, finance, inventory management, sales, service delivery, project management, etc. Automated systems have to talk to the company, they have to be proactive rather than reactive. Systems should throw relevant information to the stakeholders to take informed decisions.

We should look at recruiting team members with similar attitude as ours, training them on delivering in line with our targets and honestly being with them in their bad and god times has contributed in gaining stability and adding to our growth.

Q. How has been the growth of your company?
We have experienced a growth of 45 percent since last year. Our revenue for year 2016-17 was Rs. 67 crore. We specialize in disaster recovery, infra in cloud, infra/application/ database migration, servers, data back, data storage, data security, and application development.

Our key clients include United Colours of Benetton, Century Communication, Sriram Piston, Konica Minolta, Nagarro, TSI, Matt Holding, Krishna Maruti, Roop Polymers, Guwahati University, and DPS Schools among others.

We are partners for HPE, Dell, VMware, Microsoft, Lenovo, Red Hat, Symantec, and Sophos among others.

Q. What has been your major achievements / projects in the last couple of years?
We are currently doing a large migration project of 1200 virtual servers in Kuwait. Besides, we have designed and created India’s first and largest render farm on 192 HPE blade servers for a film post-production house. We have also created India’s first wireless warehouse for one of our customers. The other projects include implementation of UMS for Guwahati University and development of mobile app for a law firm.

Over the years, we have gained expertise in infrastructure migration, infrastrucuture in cloud, and developing DR as a solution and mobile applications. There is a deep focus on Big Data Analytics and DR.

Q. As a leading IT solution provider, how are you helping your customers in their digital transformation journey?
We are getting their legacy applications on web and mobile. Besides, we are developing applications that are integrating with our customers ERPs and CRMs. Lastly, we are helping our customers get online.

Q. What;s your future road map?
Our current focus is on Big Data Analytics, as it’s an extension of mobile apps that we are developing. Our customers for whom we are developing these apps would need these services in the days to come. We want to pioneer Big Data Analytics to meet upcoming requirements.

Currently, we have a lot of infrastructure development projects running in pipeline in India as well as abroad.


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