AI, Intelligent Apps, Analytics, Conversational Platforms, and IoT are some strategic technology trends for 2018: Sanjay Pai, Genesys

Sanjay Pai

Beginning of the year is the right time to evaluate the past progress and plan new strategies for development. There are numerous things on which an organization depends. From their Go-To-Marketing strategy to new trends in the business, they need to keep check on everything. With the change in time an organization needs to become dynamic and accept changes to stay relevant in the market. As the countdown for the new financial year begins, companies are all set with new strategies and business plans. They are ready to embrace changes for their betterment. Sanjay Pai, Managing Director – Genesys, India, in an interaction with CRN, shared the company’s strategy for the new financial year; and how Genesys is trying to find its place as undisputed contact center market leader
Some edited excerpts:
What were the major initiatives taken in 2017?
We see a huge opportunity for the growth of digital customer service using the Genesys Customer Experience Platform. With initiatives such as ‘Digital India’ or ‘eGovernance’ by the Government, many new opportunities are being opened on a daily basis. Digital transformation, amazing customer experiences and efficient business outcomes will stem from the decision to replace outdated contact center infrastructure with a modern, omni-channel customer experience platform.

What are your plans for Genesys in the Indian market in 2018?
In 2018 Genesys wants to be an undisputed contact center market leader, leading the innovation in the market along with the vision to grow and expand. Genesys Predicts 2018 will show how business can apply technologies — such as chat bots, personal assistants, and machine learning — to meet consumer expectations for easy, hyper-personalized service on any communication channel, while balancing the need to keep employees onboard and engaged. Our plan in 2018 is to take PureConnect as an offering to address the mid-market and focus on the CX requirements of the Government, where new opportunities have opened up with Digital India and eGovernance initiatives. As awareness of Genesys grows in India, we are engaging with a wide base of customers and we see that trend continuing.

Can you explain the idea of omni-channel customer experience? How beneficial is it to uplift customer experience, and what are the factors that influence customer’s experience?
Today success depends on your ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience at every turn. As technology continues to evolve and level the playing field across companies of all sizes, even advanced technologies may not be enough to set you apart. Today, omni-channel customer experience is the most powerful differentiator in business. If you’re not delivering the experience they expect, customers will find someone else who is.
Omni-channel customer experience leads to increase in customer satisfaction and lasting relationships. Exceed customer expectations today and tomorrow while achieving strategic business goals and objectives. Overcome frustrating integration challenges with a single, integrated platform. Deliver personalized customer experiences, increase operational efficiency and lower costs. Eliminate siloed channels and disparate solutions that needlessly test customers’ patience and loyalty. It can improve and optimize operational efficiency and helps to achieve greater profitability.

Factors that influence customers’ experience include predictable, personalized and proactive delivery to customers faster and effortlessly; interaction with the best possible resource can support all channels including voice as well as digital; meet and predict customer commitments faster and in real time.

How do you constantly innovate to stay relevant in the business market?
We stay relevant by investing heavily in R&D – we are constantly looking ahead to the current trends to see technologies are going to be important in the future. We also listen carefully to the feedbacks of our valuable customers, and we develop innovations that meet their business needs. Genesys India is continuously investing and innovating across functions including R&D, customer care, professional service and Genesys University.
What opportunities do you see in the new technology areas like IoT and Artificial Intelligence among others which can open a window of opportunity for solution providers?
Analysts estimate that about 40-50 billion devices globally will be connected to the internet by 2020. The disruptive digital business environment is forecast to touch a whopping US$ 1.9 trillion in value in three years from now.

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, micro apps – and more – can help deliver personalized, proactive and predictive experiences across channels. As the presence of the Internet of Things (IoT) – such as connected devices, sensors, and smart machines – grows, the ability of things to generate new types of real-time information and to actively participate in an industry’s value stream will also develop. Though the research around IoT projections are good, we believe there is still some way to go for CX solutions to completely integrate and seamlessly work with IoT devices. With the prevalence of mobile networks and more IoT enabled devices, we will see more use cases of CX working in tandem with IoT devices.

What will be the top trends of 2018?
Strategic technology trends for 2018 mainly include Artificial Intelligence, intelligent apps, and analytics, conversational platforms and IoT. Also, among the top trends for 2018 will be using messaging for customer experience – India has always been ahead of the curve in terms of consumer mobile habits. Another key trend in the B2B space will be the adoption of cloud services for managing customer experience.


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