Capital Quant Solutions wins NASSCOM’s AI GameChangers 2021 title


Capital Quant Solutions was recently a part of a NASSCOM and Microsoft-organized programme to recognize AI GameChangers in India by 2021. Capital Quant Solutions was declared the winner of the AI GameChanger award for the BFSI sector. NASSCOM also presented 12 challenger awards in addition to the 15 AI GameChanger awards.

The financial services industry takes key financial decisions based on the analysis of key information found in complex unstructured documents such as the annual reports, corporate announcements, news, contractual, legal, regulatory documents etc. Current process followed at most banks and financial institutions is manual, it relies on hiring highly skilled and intelligent resources in the form of an analyst. This makes the process of decision making highly in-efficient as it requires expensive human bandwidth, it is error prone and the chances of taking sub optimal decisions are high as the human mind has a limitation of scale and the amount of information from unstructured sources is only increasing exponentially. To address these problems CQS built FinStinct as a cognitive automation solution that uses the power of machine learning and natural language processing and AI to detect relevant information, extract it, structure it and analyze it.

Pravin Lal, the Founder of CQS, said, “We believe that over the next decade, the global financial services industry will face significant disruption in specific process areas that include decision-making based on information
from unstructured documents. CQS believes that with domain-specific AI solutions such as FinStinct, these processes will be disrupted due to the significant ROI gains”.


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