Emkay Global ties up with IceWarp for unified communication Solution


Emkay Global Financial Services, a leading financial advisor, switched to IceWarp in order to optimize their backend operations.

IceWarp’s secure and robust platform will be managing the operational issues and will also help in reducing the cost. It will be providing a huge boost to Emkay’s work procedures as IceWarp will be offering a seamless cloud collaboration of 1100 users and will be facilitated with features like Cloud archiving, Customized TeamChat module, Syncing, and sharing on multiple devices, All-in-one collaboration. With continuous improvements of versions addressing key features under the demand of customers, the company is continuing to grow stronger in the market and maintaining its position as a true alternative to Gsuite and Microsoft.

Speaking on the deployment, Pramod Sharda – CEO, IceWarp India & Middle East said, “We are delighted to expand our engagement with Emkay, with more and more names on the list of our clientele, we are constantly inching closer to our vision. The Indian market has been very responsive in terms of support and has effectively provided a budding ground for IceWarp to outgrow itself. As a channel-driven company, our customers remind us to invent and reinvent our technologies, our solutions to further thrive across the globe”.

Earlier Emkay Global was equipped with other collaboration solutions and was facing many challenges which they have overcome with the help of IceWarp’s Collaborative tools. The challenges that were faced by Emkay Global included:

On-Premise local Email Server with no updation
No Solution for collaboration & communications (Mailbox Sharing, IM, Audio, Video, Mobile Sync)
No Solution for Group Chat & Broadcast
No Plans or Roadmap for further enhancements in existing local Mail Server
Existing data to be migrated
MX to be on-cloud

However, with IceWarp’s on-cloud solution for all accounts, on-cloud archiving for Legal hold with unlimited retention became possible. Availability of Complete user mailboxes aided migration of data from existing local service providers to IceWarp using the IceWarp’s integrated Migration tool. IceWarp’s collaborative features (Mailbox Sharing, Documents editing, IM, Video, Conference & much more) further upgraded multiple device sync using IceWarp Outlook Sync & Active Sync. Development of IceWarp’s Team Chat module based on feedback & requirement for Group Chat & Broadcast has further been an asset for the company’s growth. Moreover, administration has been quite easy using the IceWarp Administration tools.

“It has been a delight to come on board with IceWarp with their state-of-art technologies and with the collaboration we aim to achieve greater heights. Apart from being futuristic with its solutions, it is one of the most cost-effective Enterprise Messaging, Collaboration and Communication Suite in India. This cloud solution with a robust platform and a secured framework has helped reduce our infrastructure costs and manageability issues” stated Shishir Dhulla, Chief Technology Officer at Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd.


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