GitHub introduces public roadmap for developers


Microsoft-owned open source code repository GitHub has introduced a public roadmap that will provide more information about what features and functionality developers can expect over the coming quarters.

Anyone can access the new public repository on GitHub. They will find a project board that lays out upcoming releases.

“Each item on the board links to a detailed issue with more information about what we’re planning, why it’s important, when we expect to deliver it, and a bit about how we expect it to work,” the company said in a statement.

Users will be able to share any questions and comments publicly on the GitHub Community Forum or privately via the Share feedback page.

“We’re also building many of our features iteratively with the open source community, including the recent GitHub Discussions beta,” it added.

GitHub is being used by over 50 million developers worldwide.

Over the last year, GitHub has released more than 200 new features including Actions, Packages and Codespaces.

The company has also built a complete end-to-end security solution and launched new and updated clients for Mobile, Desktop, and command line interface (CLI).

Microsoft acquired GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock.



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