Global security awareness company, Phished collaborates with BD Soft

Phished, a Global security awareness company appoints BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd as its Distribution partner in India. Phished with the aid of a smart and fully automated AI-driven platform, trains employees to become a Human Firewall for its organization. With BD Soft, Phished aims to offer SMB and Enterprise companies the latest standard in Security Awareness Training: 100% automated and personalized, without manual intervention.

Because human error causes 90% of all data breaches, focusing on the human factor to prevent cyber-attacks is more important than ever. Phished and BD Distribution Pvt. Ltd have joined forces to help their customers protect their money, reputation, employees, and assets. BD Software is now focusing even more on cybersecurity awareness by providing employee training and coaching to its clients.

Phished’s multi-award-winning solution meets the needs of modern enterprises and institutions seeking an all-in-one solution to build and maintain their Human Firewall. Through a holistic combination of personalised simulations, training sessions, active reporting and threat intelligence, the solution guarantees permanent behavioural change. The company also gives access to an organisation-wide Phished Behavioural Risk Score ® (BRS) to monitor an ever-evolving security status. This reduces the risk of cyber incidents measurably, both in the workplace & at home.

The expansion with Phished’s self-learning solution strengthens BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. offering state-of-the-art SaaS technology.

Speaking on the partnership Jo Vandebergh, CEO of Phished said, “We are excited to expand our network in the Indian markets with this new partnership. Our expertise and reputable platform, in collaboration with BD Distribution Pvt. Ltd.’s capabilities in promotion, distribution, valuation, and customer support ensure that all parties benefit.”

“We have a vast and extensive portfolio of security solutions. With this new addition, we shall expand to offer enterprise-level solutions to both large and small customers without sacrificing any quality support. The Phished platform takes care of the heavy lifting, so we can advise and assist our client, as a trusted advisor.” says Mr. Zakir Hussain – CEO – BD Software Distribution.

BD Soft aims to aggressively expand its services in India’s tier 2 & 3 cities by the end of 2023.


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