HyLyt app receives patent from USA


HyLyt, an Indian app has received its much awaited patent confirmation from the US. As HyLyt becomes patented, it now offers its unique tech intervention to manage the digital data overload of businesses in modern times.The brand already has a trademark and the code has been copyrighted.

HyLyt, a patented product offers a unique value to both individuals and businesses alike. Leveraging digital technology, the app aims to systemise and categorise the enormous amount of data generated by users in each platform used by them and act as a single source for storing classified information in a highly protected way. 

Rajat Singhania, Founder, HyLyt said, “Whenever you come up with a new idea, the fundamental question is ‘What’s new?’ A patent is granted to a product on the basis of ‘non-obviousness’ which dictates that the product seeking a patent be different enough from similar existing products that a person with average skill and knowledge in the area would not be able to conceive of or make the product themselves easily. HyLyt is unique in its offering of managing data across platforms, with multiple search options and also keeping the security intact.”

“It is a feather in the cap of HyLyt to acquire the patent. Thus proving the uniqueness of the platform and the value addition that it can bring to businesses. HyLyt aims to generate 2.5 billion man hours of additional productive time by 2025 just by making search and storage optimisation. With other offerings like chat platforms, employee access synchronisation and multi-factor security authentication, we plan to transform the platform into a vibrant and special offering to all businesses at affordable cost,” Singhania added.

The platform, given its origin in India and superior technology, has attracted investments from the government of Gujarat for further research and development in making it one of the unique ‘Make in India’ apps presented to the global audience. The global unified information management and collaboration platform offers multifilter info to customise views that helps toward business information supervision and decision making in real time without time lag and enable to operate through single click across multiple channels.


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