Marketing in Asia raises a strategic investment of INR1.85 Cr from Kuber Ventures


Marketing In Asia raised INR1.85 Cr (US$250,000) with investment from Kuber Ventures, a venture studio by the founders of SCIKEY.  Kuber Ventures, attracted by the vast growth potential in Southeast Asia’s digital and tech-startup scene, is actively investing in the region. Its partners had also established SCIKEY, a digital platform for jobs, work, and business solutions, that is already a multi-million-dollar profitable global enterprise with a fast-growing presence in 3 continents and 7 countries. With an interest to participate in the emerging mar-tech (marketing tech), Kuber Ventures decided to fund Marketing In Asia, given its robust performance and unique position in the industry as a preeminent content platform.

Founded in 2017, Marketing In Asia offers its platform to help content creators grow their online presence and authority through authentic content. According to Marketing In Asia, there are more than 1,500 content creators using the platform’s services, generating more than 1 million impressions worth of content consumption monthly. The fresh capital will expand the platform’s tech and content-related capability, scaling its platform-enabled marketing services and deepening its reach across Asia.

“Now, we will grow beyond just content. Our vision is to become the go-to platform for brands and content creators when it comes to all-things marketing,” said Azleen Abdul Rahim, Founder and Brand Strategy Director of Marketing In Asia.

Alok Kumar, the Managing Partner of Kuber Ventures, said, “Technology has become the backbone of marketing over the last decade. We are committed to make Marketing In Asia a delight for our patrons, members, and customers by enhancing creativity through innovation and a tech-driven ecosystem. This century belongs to Asia, and Marketing In Asia will amplify the voice of the brands and content-creators in Asia across the world. Marketing In Asia’s unique business model and tech will be an inflection point in the marketing and content space, and we are excited about what Azleen and team are building.”

“We are delighted to be elevating Marketing In Asia to the next level,” adds Karunjit Kumar Dhir, Partner at Kuber Ventures. “We are setting out to reimagine the next digital leap for the marketing sector, which has traditionally been fragmented with legacy and disparate marketing practices. Marketing In Asia will utilize its regional ecosystem for its content creators, independent freelancers, journalists, research companies, and media agencies to help brands solve their common marketing pain points once and for all. With this new funding, the platform will have additional ammunition to accelerate its technology innovation and truly transform and empower this space for faster growth, while delivering at least 30 to 40 per cent higher returns on the brands and enterprises’ marketing spend.”

“When it comes to distributing content, user preferences have evolved over the last few years. Today they expect more exposure for their content after spending a decent amount of time creating it. And they are aware that creating content just for their website is not going to cut it anymore. Therefore, they are creating it on content platforms like Marketing In Asia. There’s more exposure here because we know how to acquire traffic better and thereby to help creators with very high exposure and more avenues to monetize their content eventually,” said Azleen.

“Similar goes for marketing services. Customers increasingly expect to make their marketing experience in dealing with daily marketing activities simple yet effective. Managing social media, shooting and editing videos, designing graphics, engaging influencers for certain campaigns, building a website, or even getting their talents trained on marketing should be pleasant. Brands are frustrated when it comes to marketing. Limited resources, dealing with multiple agencies for deliverables and lack of effective strategy are among the reasons. Today, brands only have to deal with Marketing In Asia for all-things marketing. The platform will take care of the workload on their behalf,” said Azleen. Continuing, “in short, if it’s marketing, we have it.”


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