MoEngage strengthens its email marketing automation capabilities


Intelligent customer engagement platform MoEngage has strengthened its email marketing automation capabilities to transform email marketing outcomes for its clients. Despite being a mobile-first engagement platform, MoEngage observed that emails still played a significant role in building the brand-consumer relationship. This is why MoEngage decided to strengthen its email marketing automation capabilities – a move which is helping its customers see phenomenal results.

Last year, MoEngage raised a Series B round of $9 million led by Matrix Partners and VenturEast. The company has used a portion of these funds to enhance its email marketing automation capabilities, creating a solution that isn’t just a significant improvement on its previous version but is also far ahead of most competing solutions.

MoEngage decided to use a multi-pronged approach to tackle email marketing efficacy. On the one hand, they have strengthened their email team with world-class email deliverability experts, bringing unprecedented insights into building new features that are focused on improving email deliverability. They have also partnered with eDataSource, an industry leader in email deliverability tracking technology. This partnership enables MoEngage to leverage eDataSource’s expertise to target the inbox and updates folder when sending emails.

eDataSource’s cutting-edge platform, powered by AI and machine learning technology, empowers marketers with the most precise data and insights to improve their email marketing programs and impact revenue. We are excited to expand our existing presence in the Asia-Pacific market and bring our technology to new global partners,” says GB Heidarsson, CEO of eDataSource.

MoEngage’s email outreach product now sends over 500 million emails every month and the results are nothing short of miraculous. Take the example of Indonesian travel giant Dyah Wulandari, VP, Performance Marketing, says, “We use the MoEngage platform to send over 1 million emails every day. With their new email outreach product, we are seeing open rates as high as 30 percent and all emails get delivered to the customer’s Updates folder. This immediately gives us a massive competitive advantage and takes our marketing strategy to the next level.”

Speaking about the success of the product, founder and CEO of Moengage, Raviteja Dodda said, “The phenomenal success of our email outreach product just goes to prove that a combination of subject matter expertise, in-depth partnerships, and our own customer engagement insights can create pioneering, world-class products. At MoEngage, our goal is to keep using these elements to ensure that our products stay far ahead of the curve, in terms of technology, reach, and efficacy.”


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