NVIDIA Omniverse ecosystem expands 10x, Amid new features and services for developers, enterprises and creators


When it comes to creating and connecting virtual worlds, over 150,000 individuals have downloaded NVIDIA Omniverse to make huge leaps in transforming 3D design workflows and achieve new heights of real-time, physically accurate simulations.

At GTC, NVIDIA announced new releases and updates for Omniverse — including the latest Omniverse Connectors and libraries — expanding the platform’s ecosystem by 10x, and making Omniverse even more accessible to creators, developers, designers, engineers and researchers worldwide.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is helping leading companies enhance their pipelines and creative workflows. New Omniverse Enterprise customers include Amazon, DB Netze, DNEG, Kroger, Lowe’s and PepsiCo, which are all using the platform to build physically accurate digital twins or develop realistic immersive experiences for customers.

Enhancing Content Creation With New Connections and Libraries
The Omniverse ecosystem is expanding beyond design and content creation. In one year, Omniverse connections, ways to connect or integrate with the Omniverse platform, have grown 10x — with 82 connections through the extended Omniverse ecosystem.
● New Third-Party Connections for Adobe Substance 3D Material Extension and Painter Connector, Epic Games Unreal Engine Connector and Maxon Cinema 4D will enable live-sync workflows between third-party apps and Omniverse.
● New CAD Importers: These convert 26 common CAD formats to Universal Scene Description (USD) to better enable manufacturing and product design workflows within Omniverse.
● New Asset Library Integrations: TurboSquid by Shutterstock, Sketchfab and Reallusion ActorCore assets are now directly available within Omniverse Apps asset browsers so users can simply search, drag and drop from close to 1 million Omniverse-ready 3D assets. New Omniverse-ready 3D assets, materials, textures, avatars and animations are also now available from A23D.
● New Hydra Render Delegate Support: Users can integrate and toggle between their favorite Hydra delegate-supported renderers and the Omniverse RTX Renderer directly within Omniverse Apps. Now available in beta for Chaos V-Ray, Maxon Redshift and OTOY Octane, with Blender Cycles, Autodesk Arnold coming soon.

Omniverse Enterprise Features and Availability Broadens
New updates are coming soon to Omniverse Enterprise, including the latest releases of Omniverse Kit 103, Omniverse Create and View 2022.1, Omniverse Farm, and DeepSearch.

Omniverse Enterprise on NVIDIA LaunchPad is now available across nine global regions. NVIDIA LaunchPad gives design practitioners and project reviewers instant, free turnkey access to hands-on Omniverse Enterprise labs, helping them make quicker, more confident software and infrastructure decisions.

Customers Drive Innovations With Omniverse Enterprise
Amazon has over 200 robotics facilities that handle millions of packages each day. It’s a complex operation that requires over half a million mobile drive robots to support warehouse logistics. Using Omniverse Enterprise and Isaac Sim, Amazon Robotics is building AI-enabled digital twins of its warehouses to better optimize warehouse design and flow, and train more intelligent robotic solutions.

PepsiCo is looking at using Omniverse Enterprise and Metropolis-powered digital twins to improve the efficiency and environmental sustainability of its supply chain of over 600 distribution centers in 200 regional markets.

“NVIDIA Omniverse will help us better streamline supply chain operations and reduce energy usage and waste, while advancing our mission toward sustainability,” said Qi Wang, vice president of Research and Development at PepsiCo. “When we’re looking at new products and processes, we will use digital twins to simulate and test models and environments in real time before applying changes to the physical distribution centers.”

Lowe’s Innovation Labs is exploring how Omniverse can help unlock the next generation of its stores. It is using the platform to push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital twins, simulation and advanced tools that remove friction for customers and associates.

Kroger plans to use Omniverse to optimize store efficiency and processes with digital twin store simulation.

Raising the Bar on Industrial Digital Twins
At GTC, NVIDIA announced NVIDIA OVX, a computing system architecture designed to power large-scale digital twins. NVIDIA OVX is built to operate complex simulations that will run within Omniverse, enabling designers, engineers and planners to create physically accurate digital twins and massive, true-to-reality simulation environments.

Latest Omniverse Technologies and Features
Major new releases and capabilities announced for Omniverse include:
● New Developer Tools: Omniverse Code, an app that serves as an integrated development environment for developers and powers users to easily build their own Omniverse extensions, apps or microservices.
● DeepSearch: a new AI-based search service that lets users quickly search through massive, untagged 3D asset libraries using natural language or images. DeepSearch is available for Omniverse Enterprise customers in early access.
● Omniverse Replicator: a framework for generating physically accurate 3D synthetic data to accelerate training and accuracy of perception networks — now available within Omniverse Code so developers can build their own domain-specific synthetic data engines.
● OmniGraph, ActionGraph and AnimGraph: major new releases controlling behavior and animation.
● Omniverse Avatar: a platform that uses AI and simulation technology to enable developers to build custom, intelligent, realistic avatars.
● Omniverse XR app: a VR-optimized configuration of Omniverse View that enables users to experience their full-fidelity 3D scenes with full RTX ray tracing, at 1:1 scale, coming soon.
● New versions of Omniverse Kit, Create, View and Machinima.


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