SAP Labs India Opens its New Office in Pune


SAP Labs India announced the opening of its second Pune office today. With the expansion, SAP Labs India will elevate its position as a strong employment provider in the Pune technology landscape. The new office will accommodate 300 professionals spanning over 30,000 square feet.

The inauguration of the new office in Pune marks a significant milestone for SAP Labs India and reflects the company’s continued dedication to fostering growth and innovation within India’s vibrant technology landscape.

On the occasion, Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD of SAP Labs India, and Head of SAP User Enablement, said, “Our expansion to a new office in Pune underscores the city’s rise as a vibrant hub for innovation and growth. SAP Labs India, Pune holds a pivotal position in our overarching growth strategy in the region, and our expanded presence in the city is a testament to continue fostering a workplace that truly empowers our people and focuses on their wellbeing.”

With an exciting office space, SAP Labs India promotes creative potential through “Pledge to Flex,” emphasising employee appreciation and a trusting, empowering workplace. The office space is designed to cater to diverse work styles and accommodates neurodiversity. It offers sensory-friendly areas, quiet zones, collaborative workspaces, and recharging stations. The office’s design philosophy blends subtle hues with honest materials like timber and concrete, complemented by whimsical graphics to inspire creativity.

Located in Kharadi, SAP Labs India’s Pune office symbolises the company’s dedication to nurturing innovation, fostering collaboration, and providing a supportive environment for its employees.


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