Think360.AI is now Great Place To Work certified


Think Analytics India, a global provider of AI, analytics, and data science services has been certified a Great Place To Work.

At the heart of Think360.AI’s ascent to becoming a certified Great Place To Work lies a culture built upon the foundation of people-first principles and the camaraderie amongst the teams that drives us forward with a shared passion and determination. The organization has long understood that its employees are its greatest asset, and has consistently invested in their growth, development, and rewarding the best employee performance.

“True innovation thrives when individuals are given the freedom to experiment, take risks, and challenge conventional norms. This commitment to openness has given birth to groundbreaking solutions that have not only created a unique space for us in the market but also delivered a significant impact on the industry,” said Amit Das, Founder and CEO at Think360.AI. “Proud moment for every ‘Thinker’ and we will continue to build on this foundation,” he added.

The journey to becoming a certified Great Place To Work® was thorough enough, involving an in-depth assessment of Think360.AI’s culture, practices, employee feedback, leadership effectiveness, and work-life balance. The Great Place To Work ® Institute’s research shows that the best workplaces are characterized by great leadership, consistent employee experience, and sustainable financial performance.

“Receiving the Great Place To Work Certification reaffirms our commitment to deliver excellence to our clients through AI and disruptive innovation while nurturing the brilliance of our technology talent in the organization. I extend heartfelt gratitude to each member who contributed to making Think360.AI a cool workplace and a big thank you to our customers and stakeholders globally,” quoted Suryadip Ghoshal, Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Think360.AI.


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