Why does your business need a mobile app in 2021?


By Vikal Kulshreshtha, Co-founder and CEO, Farmers Family

In the times of coronavirus pandemic, when retail is thriving on the digital model, having a user friendly website is not enough for your business to reach new heights. If your business does not have an app in today’s time then you are actually missing out on many growth opportunities. Your business won’t grow as much despite putting truckloads of effort to attract customers. 

With the mushrooming of e-commerce websites, the competition within the existing players of the industry has gone up immensely. Even the customer’s demands and expectations are changing and to satisfy their needs become a challenge especially for a new player. E-commerce mobile apps lend a helping hand and also enable the startup and small scale companies to change the way in which they connect with their customers.

According to the various reports, e-commerce sales are expected to cross USD 3.5 trillion by 2021 and it is predicted that over 72 per cent of all e-commerce sales would be generated via mobile phones in 2021. Therefore, in order to experience a golden phase of your business, invest in a user friendly mobile app for your company. By doing so, you are also tapping to all smartphone users across the globe. For more usability, accessibility, and improved customer experience a dedicated app is the need of the hour. A brand just needs to consult a top mobile app development company to build a customer centric e-commerce app.

Here are some more reasons why you should opt for a tailored e-commerce mobile app: 

Personalised customer experience 

As we live in a mobile world, the tech-savvy customer demands for a personalised and consistent service from a company. Through a mobile app, which works using modern technology including artificial intelligence and mobile learning, a company can make this demand of the consumer possible. They can quickly understand the purchasing pattern of that particular consumer and can easily offer an optimised shopping experience.

An efficient marketing tool 

Your e-commerce app on the consumer’s mobile phone can also act as a marketing tool of your company as it gives a robust representation of your business. You can keep your user updated about his product’s delivery status, payment receipts, discounts and promotional offers, which can be done through push notifications. You can also run some promotional campaigns for giving some early bird advantages for downloading the app. This in a way will bring more consumers to your app. 

Enhanced brand building 

Considered as one of the biggest benefits of an ecommerce mobile app, the company can integrate excellent features so that the app users can have a pleasant and personalised shopping experience. The elegant UI/UX designs and customer focused features can make the app capable of brand building and enhancing brand reputation.

Loyal customer base 

As you have been able to deliver an enriched shopping experience to your consumer through the user friendly mobile app, you are also strengthening your customer base. By making the things available at their fingertips, you have also kept them engaged on your app, which was not possible just through the company’s presence through the website. Sometimes rewarding your users with small discounts or cashbacks for completing a year or certain months with your app, gives your loyal consumers a boost up. 


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