Work-from-Home drives demand for AVerMedia’s Webcam solution


AVerMedia Technologies worldwide webcam demand has increased more than 200 times since the COVID-19. AVerMedia’s webcam has proven to be the most cost-effective solution for remote working.

Many people around the world have stopped working and learning due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. Based on the statistics from UNESCO, in May 2020 more than 1.2 billion students (around 70% of students globally) forced to stay at home, and more than 150 countries have blocked their gate to the world. Meanwhile, many companies have announced the practice Work-From-Home policy.

“AVerMedia’s products were mainly known to the content creators, influencers, and gameplay streaming field for the past few years. However, it has become the most useful product to help people out during this hard time” said Evange, Sales and Marketing Vice President at AVerMedia. “The demand from schools, hospitals, and corporate was huge and this also means that the world is changing, we are going digital.”

The demand for the ‘Personal Conference and Live Streaming’ solution has increased during this pandemic. AVerMedia has promptly responded to the market demand. A Full HD webcam and unidirectional USB microphone have been promoted as the most cost-effective solution to fit everyone’s demand from Video Conferencing to Remote Learning.

Companies and schools are adopting teleworking, remote classes, and live streaming to prevent a large number of people from gathering at a specific location. AVerMedia’s video and audio products are used in a variety of ways and serve as a kind of quarantine tool. Working perfectly with 3rd party conference software, like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom, AVerMedia webcam, and microphone can enhance your video and audio quality while meeting. The stable product quality and affordable prices are the key competitive advantages and major reasons that are popular among various industries.


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