Here’s why Edge AI based network intelligence solutions are gaining momentum in the global market


                     By Guharajan Sivakumar, Founder, Aprecomm

The expectations of the internet users of the day have changed to a greater extent. Unlike a few years ago when users required uninterrupted connectivity, they now demand assurance of Quality of Experience (QoE) and higher speeds. Owing to the changing paradigm ISPs and Telcos are reinventing business models by shedding their legacy models and adopting new age agile business models. In other words, ISPs and Telcos are transforming their business from extreme dependence on highly specialised human capital for maintaining their physical networks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data powered automated network management systems.

The sector is witnessing a digital disruption with focus on monitoring, measuring and monetizing the network through deeper analytics of user data. This digital disruption is led by a change in technology adoption for developing newer services and business models in response to the increasing demands for bandwidth and superior QoE.

Edge computing based network intelligence solutions are now in demand as network operators are now expected to be compliant with various regulatory compliances across the world. In addition to making it easy to stay compliant with regulatory bodies, edge computing accelerates digital technology adoption and swift transformation to proactive and dynamic networks.

Adoption of automated network systems through cloud computing invites security concerns and complexities in regulatory compliance for Telcos and ISPs. Although digital technology allows a greater degree of control and precision with user data analysis, it requires having enhanced consumer protection in place. With consumer protection being an important factor, keeping up with security while the services transact with digital platforms becomes imperative. Data protection regimes from regulatory authorities may impede certain features and operations leading to loss in business opportunities or Return on Investment (RoI) that may not justify the transformation to automated network management systems.

Edge computing has been a saviour in this regard as it allows offering uncompromised services while keeping up with data protection. Edge intelligence makes it possible to eliminate security vulnerabilities by keeping local data within the edge without transmitting it to the outer network systems. With Edge intelligence it is also possible to obfuscate sensitive user information by only sending processed patterns and meta information containing  just context or context-oriented data to the cloud for analytics.

Intelligent edge devices enable enforcing rules to keep data closer to the data source and filtering the data before transferring it to the cloud. As the user’s awareness about data privacy is crucial, edge computing systems keep users well informed about the data that is processed and generated using their applications





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