‘Collaboration and hybridisation are becoming the new normal’

Sagar Sen, Vice President and Head – Business IT, NTT-Netmagic

Innovation and focus on customer experience are at the core of NTT-Netmagic. In an exclusive interaction with CRN India, Sagar Sen, Vice President and Head – Business IT, NTT-Netmagic, shares more on the company’s focus and more

Innovation has become a ‘must have’ for all the successful businesses. What is the importance of innovation for you?
Innovation refers to coming up with new and improved ways of doing things. It either involves changing existing processes and/or the creation of more effective ones, apart from new ideas and products. Therefore, being innovative does not just mean inventing something, but also changing and adapting to make existing things better and more effective. Innovation is also critical to moving past competition and enhancing business strategies.

At NTT-Netmagic, innovation means the road to becoming and remaining a business leader. Complacency is not an option in today’s competitive business landscape. The world is changing fast and so is the technology driving it. Collaboration and hybridisation are becoming the new normal, through the smart use of innovative technologies and new delivery models. At NTT-Netmagic, we are at the helm of technological innovation, with which, we are able to rise above the ordinary, making things simpler, smarter and more efficient.

At the same time, we are also helping our customers globally to achieve the same levels of efficiency. For more than two decades, we have enabled many companies to build strategic advantage and achieve extraordinary levels of success.

Customer experience is one of the mission critical functions for any organisation. How is it important for a B2B organisation like yourself?
The value of post-sale customer experience in the B2B industry is increasing every day. It increases revenue by reducing churn and can boost this even further by creating additional upselling opportunities. Some other benefits of customer experience include better product feedback and social proof among other things. The B2B sales cycle is longer than B2C sales, which makes it more important for companies to be on top of the recall for customers. We strive to be more responsive, proactive and bring the best to the table for fulfilment with any business we deal with.

What were the key business and technical challenges confronting your organisation? What obstacles did you need to overcome?
Primarily there were complaints around system performance. In addition, disintegrated systems were causing lack of data and duplication of effort. Apart from these, the scale of business growth, change in workflow and future requirements were not being met. We therefore had to work towards modernizing the technology landscape to meet the growing business needs.

What value has resulted from the implementation of the Oracle Sales solution?
One of the significant outcomes of Oracle Sales Cloud is an integrated SFA and CPQ solution. This has enabled our sales team to respond quickly to customer enquiries and decrease the turnaround time. CPQ helped us construct products in a structured manner and maintain the workflow. It improved transaction speed and our Oracle partner InnovaCX helped us to integrate other business applications. Now the single reference data flows to other systems, thereby eliminating duplication of data entry. Today, we have the base and are working towards taking the next step of digitisation and automation.

How do you think emerging technologies are changing the face of customer experience?
Customer experience is central to any organisation which accounts for time and investment for businesses. The emerging technologies at the cusp of wide adoption — including augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and AI-powered virtual assistants — have the potential of transforming customer experience while reducing costs for businesses. Data is playing a significant role in this transformation, starting from providing insights about consumer behaviour through analytics and helping businesses tailor user experience. Marketing and CX teams can leverage the amalgamation of data and emerging technologies to not only improve customer experience, but also do it in a more creative and innovative way.


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