Each role in our life demands time and efforts in the right direction: Kavita Singhal, Director, Kamtron Systems

Kavita Singhal, Director, Kamtron Systems

Kavita Singhal, Director, Kamtron Systems shares her journey as a woman channel leader and how successfully she has managed to take every step in the right direction while maintaining the work-life balance.

After completing almost two decades in the IT industry, Kavita shows no signs of slowing down and looking back. Born and brought up in Delhi Kavita is a B-Tech in Electronics & Communication. Starting her career as Graduate Engineer Trainee in a TV manufacturing Industry she started her journey and today she is one of the most renowned names in IT channel industry.

Understanding market was not so easy
Like any other beginner, the market was not an easy game for Kavita too. “With time I have thought of starting something of my own. It was difficult to understand the market dynamics and develop an association with OEM and customers. Developing customers was not at all an easy task,” she says. But, hard work and dedication never go in vain and it went so true with Kavita too. “Kamtron’s hard work and dedication and its achievement in the business made OEMs and channel recognize us. Business transformation as per the industry trends, participation in various forums and associations also helped us. Though she doesn’t think in her journey she has ever faced discrimination being a woman. Being women has nothing has been difficult or easy for her.

Time and effort is the right key
“Each role in our life demands time and efforts in right direction”, she says. She thinks that the most significant barrier can only be a balance between the professional and personal life which is somewhat difficult if you do not have a good support system in place. She feels fortunate to have friends who are always supportive. “We need to remove the barrier of being male or female; it is all about an individual nothing else. I am very lucky to have a good support system which really helped me to excel in whatever I did,” says Kavita.

In the coming years…
Kavita is all set with her plans in coming few years. She has many plans for her professional and personal life and he is quite clear about her goals. In her professional life, she is planning to take her work to another level. She will get into training to create awareness. Also, she will be looking forward to in-depth training, to interact with more and more people and help them using technology. In her personal life also Kavita is all the way set for adventure. We spend most of our time in pursuing our career and do not get much time family and friends. So, now Kavita has plans to spend quality time with her family and friends. Also, she is planning to do a lot of traveling with them. She feels that if one can manage his or life family well, one can manage anything in this world.

Father and Husband have always been an inspiration
“My father and my husband are my inspirations in whatever I do. They always make me feel that nothing is impossible. They always inspire to restore trust in me and start with a new zeal. My husband and son are much happier in my achievements and that is itself is inspiring. Getting recognition and awards at the national level on our achievements and performances are the factors which keep on inspiring her and motivate her to work more and more.

Advice to the upcoming leaders
Kavita’s advice for all women who are or wants to be in IT channel industry is-“You need not be feared of anything. Everyone here is supportive and cooperative and will welcome you with open hearts. You just know how to balance your private and professional life. If you can manage your personal life you can manage professional too. All you have to do it is to just maintain the proper balance in your life.”


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