ACT Fibernet and F-Secure launch ‘ACT Shield’ solution


Indian operator ACT Fibernet, in partnership with cyber security provider F-Secure, launched their new ‘ACT Shield’ safety and security application. The solution brings F-Secure’s industry-leading protection to Indian consumers through ACT Fibernet – one of India’s largest ISPs (internet service providers).

Thanks to India’s increasing demand for internet services, there is an exponential jump in the usage of online devices – ranging from desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, IoT devices, and more. The increased use of devices and online activity has increased users’ potential exposure to phishing, spyware, malware and ransomware, which threaten to compromise their sensitive personal and financial information.

ACT Fibernet serves over 1.7 million customers across India, and their partnership with F-Secure on ACT Shield aims to provide security to all its users. ACT Shield is a reliable application, created to protect devices from malicious activity.

ACT Shield’s features include endpoint protection, parental controls to set safe time limits for internet usage, and content filters to make browsing child friendly. It also has an anti-theft device finder feature to help locate lost devices, application privacy checks, and secure browsing and banking capabilities.

ACT Shield’s comprehensive set of features and capabilities protects individuals and families by preventing threats, thus keeping them secure so that customers can safely access information with their different devices.

Speaking about the launch of the product Prasanna Gokhale, CTO ACT Group, mentioned “India is ranked 14th worldwide when it comes to cyber-attacks and this number is incessantly growing with the increasing use of devices. Having a large customer base and being a responsible broadband provider, it is imperative for us to have a security solution as an offering to safeguard our customers from potential cyber threats. We are happy to collaborate with F-Secure in launching ACT Shield. In view of ongoing security challenges, ACT Shield will provide secure home internet and empower every customer’s usage and need” he says.

“It is our endeavor to enable our customers to have uninterrupted, unlimited access to internet, and now with the assurance and protection of ACT Shield,” he adds.

“With one of the world’s largest populations, India is an attractive target for cyber criminals looking to attack consumers. And as the world’s biggest provider of cyber security solutions via operators, F-Secure is well-positioned to help tackle this problem,” says F-Secure Vice President and regional head for Asia-Pacific, Paul Palmer. “We’re proud to partner with ACT Fibernet to help make the internet a safe place for individuals and families in India.”

The application is available across all platforms and functions seamlessly on Android, Windows, Mac.


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