Atlassian acquires Percept.AI


Atlassian Corporation has announced the acquisition of Percept.AI, an AI-powered virtual agent technology provider, to expand frontline support capabilities in Jira Service Management. This acquisition builds on its previous investments in AI and machine learning, designed to deliver best-in-class, seamless employee and customer support experiences at high velocity, crucial in today’s digital and remote-first world.

The tectonic shift to remote work is here to stay. As a result, enterprises are being forced to rethink the capabilities and structure of their support experience. Every company, regardless of size, needs to offer responsive, personalized, high-quality 24/7 virtual support to customers and employees. The acquisition of Percept.AI is another step towards providing better employee and customer experiences at scale, that empowers people and streamlines processes with the right tools. Percept.AI helps teams automate tier-1 support interactions and free up IT teams to focus on more complex tasks. That’s the goal of a product like Jira Service Management which now has more than 35,000 customers that come from virtually every industry.

Edwin Wong, Head of Product Management for Jira Service Management, Atlassian said, “By integrating Percept.AI with Jira Service Management, support teams will be able to deliver exceptional service even faster and, more importantly, at scale. Our broader vision is to create a unified platform for any form of support and service desk. This acquisition further advances Jira Service Management’s smart experiences, enabling seamless chat-based conversations between customers and agents.”

“Over the past several years, Atlassian has invested in building predictive, smart experiences into its products, with the goal of making teams more productive. Our innovations in AI and machine learning already power predictive issue assignment, predictive triage, intelligent automation, and personalized search results in Jira Service Management today,” he further added.

Atlassian acquired Percept.AI for its ability to understand a lot of the context behind a support query. Its conversational AI engine analyzes and understands intent, sentiment, context, and profile information to personalize interactions. The transition from virtual to human agent is seamless, enabling a human to have full context into the discussion and pick up where the agent left off. Plus, the technology learns from every interaction by leveraging a best-in-class Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine with over 95% accuracy.

As its sixth ITSM acquisition in the last three years (Opsgenie, Mindville, ThinkTilt, Chartio and Halp), this investment, represents the latest step for Atlassian towards a future of service management that is driven by AI and smart experiences.


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