Compass India acquires majority stake in SmartQ, a B2B food-tech company


Compass has acquired a majority stake in SmartQ, a leading B2B food-tech and aggregator platform. SmartQ provides transformative digital technologies to create engaging cafe experiences for its clients.

The acquisition will enable Compass India, to develop and deploy disruptive, digitally enabled solutions that will help their clients enhance employee workplace experience. This move will further accelerate digital growth and play a key role in reshaping Compass India’s “return to work” strategy. Compass India will utilise SmartQ’s technology solutions such as a mobile app for food ordering at the workplace, self-ordering kiosks, cashier-less cafeteria and Point-of-Sale (PoS) solutions, and cloud-controlled Intelligent Menu Display Systems, to transform the way people interact with on-site restaurants, enabling employees to browse menus, pay and collect more flexibly, and enhance their food at work experience.

As employees return to work, SmartQ will use its technology to support social distancing and eliminating queues through unique click and collect initiatives in workplaces. SmartQ’s technology solutions have already been deployed and will continue to be rolled out in Compass Group’s client sites in many countries including the UK, India, and New Zealand with plans to add USA, Japan, and Singapore by end of this year.

Dev Amritesh, Managing Director for Compass Group India said, “We are delighted to welcome the founders and the entire SmartQ team to the Compass India family.
The workforce in India today is increasingly made up of people who have either grown up or are deeply accustomed to personal technology. They are our core consumers and are driving a change in the way we operate contract food services to meet their needs. Tech solutions that deliver seamless, enhanced experiences like menu discovery, pre-ordering, payment and post-order support have become an increasingly important part of the food experience at work. We want to be at the forefront of this change, continually leading innovation and reinventing our service and experience model. We are excited about the possibilities with the best-in-class technology and development capability that SmartQ brings to our company.”

Krishna Wage Co-founder and CEO of SmartQ said, “We are extremely excited about the massive potential we will able to unlock for our clients and stakeholders with the partnership with Compass India. Both companies aim to work together to truly transform and disrupt the B2B food-tech horizon by creating an innovative technological experience everywhere.”


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