eTrade channelises AI-powered logistics and supply chain solutions to improve operational efficiency for its seller partners


eTrade, India’s leading e-commerce aggregator has been empowering its seller partners through AI-powered logistics and supply chain solutions. The company capitalises on various technology-enabled supply chain solutions that enable its partners to deliver to 20,000 pin codes across India within 24-48 hours. These solutions have led to tangible long-term benefits for its seller partners.

India’s competitive e-commerce landscape constantly pushes customer expectations to new highs and challenges sellers to manage their supply chains more efficiently. Any supply chain slip up may leave sellers with reduced demand visibility, under or over replenishment of inventory, and a broken customer experience. eTrade addresses these issues through an AI-powered solution that analyses a variety of factors, such as order volume, vendor lead time, and customer preferences to help sellers with SKU-level demand predictions. The predictive analysis helps partners plan their inventory to ensure a day’s delivery speed 70% of the time. In addition, seller partners can use eTrade enabled inventory management tools for SKU-level scenario planning for better decision making and healthy sell-through. All these changes eventually translate into better customer experience and help partners scale effectively.

“Sellers and e-commerce aggregators take months and years to build a strong brand connection and customer loyalty. Their core competence is maintaining this brand equity. However, a super-efficient supply chain management is also mandatory to succeed in a competitive e-commerce landscape. Most brands lack these capabilities in-house; however eTrade makes a difference through operational efficiency and better decision making with the help of an AI-powered forecasting, inventory management, and placement solution. As a result, our partners experience 25-60% business growth within a short timeframe,” said eTrade Founder Anuj Bhatia.

eTrade has achieved a 2100 cr revenue in FY 2023, and is acknowledged as one of the leading e-commerce aggregators in the industry. The company facilitates 500 brands including Indian conglomerates such as Godrej, Havells, Royal Enfield, Studds, Drools as well as multinationals like Bosch, Karcher, Stanley Black & Decker, Phillips, Mars, Royal Canine. The company strives to revolutionise the e-commerce landscape with its most effective retail, distribution, supply chain, and marketing strategies


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