GajShield’s Next Generation Firewall with Advanced Data Security is Now Available on Microsoft Azure, Paving the Way for Secure Cloud Operations


GajShield Next Generation Firewall, equipped with cutting-edge Data Security capabilities, is now readily available on Microsoft Azure. GajShield is devoted to providing customers with the most effective data-driven strategies for securing their apps in order to help them accelerate their digital transformation path and safeguard their cloud environment from malicious attacks.

In recognition of its valued customers’ continued support and loyalty, GajShield is delighted to extend a special goodwill gesture to all its esteemed clients. For a limited time, GajShield offers three months of a free GajShield licence exclusively on GajShield Azure firewall to its existing GajShield customers.

GajShield Infotech is India’s most recognised data security and network security solution provider. A data-first mindset underpins the company’s cutting-edge products and services. Because of GajShield’s specialised security solutions, SMEs will become more familiar with best practices for protecting their data and systems. Their data-driven tools enable businesses to defend themselves against real-time cybercrime.

Gajsheild offers enhanced cloud security and helps elevate your cloud infrastructure’s security with its robust firewall and data protection features. The risk-free trial provides three months of usage, allowing a seamless integration. Enterprises can effortlessly integrate GajShield into their Azure environment to safeguard critical data and applications.

Mr Sonit Jain, CEO of GajShield Infotech, said, “More and more of our customers are running apps that are critical in Azure and rely on us to keep their workloads secure. We are excited to combine our best-in-class security with Azure’s scalability and stability to give our mutual clients the confidence to execute their respective applications. GajShield’s Next Generation Firewall with Advanced Data Security for Azure leverages AI and ML behind the scenes to detect and thwart known, unknown, and zero-day attacks, allowing customers to defend themselves against a rapidly changing threat landscape. Our customers appreciate the Azure cloud’s agility, flexibility, and scalability. Our managed next-generation firewall, now available through Microsoft Azure, is designed to safeguard cloud-native and migrated applications. Customers benefit from a consolidated view of network traffic, threat activity, and restricted activities. This integration gives customers the agility and flexibility they want to manage cloud security while focusing on essential business objectives.”

The broad range of cutting-edge products offered by GajShield has aided in protecting enterprises and vital government infrastructure from modern cybersecurity threats. GajShield’s innovative solutions offer comprehensive threat intelligence and security expertise. They provide an extensive product portfolio that includes security services, data solutions, and aid in efficiently managing advanced security challenges.


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