Kissflow’s No-Code Workflow Platform joins Google Cloud marketplace 


Kissflow, a digital workplace software provider, has announced a partnership with Google to become the only workflow management solution available in the Google Cloud Marketplace (GCP). With this, Kissflow aims to make it easier than ever for organizations to automate workflows and improve workforce productivity.

Speaking about the collaboration, Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow says, “We see this as a natural synergy between two like-minded partners. With Kissflow, Google’s customers can automate their work management tasks by building custom workflows through visual tools. Kissflow’s no-code digital workplace platform is built on the consumer scale capabilities coupled with enterprise-level security of Google Kubernetes Engine, which is flexible enough to enable perfect orchestration between the various microservices Kissflow offers. Business leaders are now realizing the value of digitising workflows and automating all manual processes, so that ‘work from anywhere’ is truly possible. So, the timing is perfect in every sense.”

With this collaboration, Google Cloud’s customers can look forward to the following benefits:
Kissflow allows businesses to build custom workflows using visual tools. It is a no-code
platform that enables leaders with zero coding experience to build their workflows
without any help from the IT department.
Visually plan, map, and manage your business processes from your GSuite account.
Define the processes that can create the most impact within your organization. Design
simple process maps in collaboration with others in your organization. Share and get
feedback from other team members to optimize processes.
Gain complete visibility into how your business processes run, how effective they are,
and find out which among them can be improved & enabled with timely email
notifications to your G-Suite email account.
Optimize your business processes by leveraging the data created through your
automated processes. Monitor processes to quickly identify and address issues. Use
reports to pinpoint potential process improvements. Easily update your G-Suite users
process mapping and automation based on data-driven insights.


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