Nutanix and Veeam simplify Data Protection


Nutanix and Veeam Software have announced a comprehensive data protection and management solution to support most storage environments. It will see Veeam’s Backup & Replication software embedded with Nutanix Mine, providing a robust and automated response to help companies protect and access their data during these turbulent times.

The comprehensive data protection and management solution includes all the software, and any hardware components, required to support multiple storage environments and enables data recovery for mission critical applications. It also provides a foundation for longer-term data retention solutions.

Data is now a key asset for many businesses and protection and back-up of business data as well as ensuring continued access, availability and integrity is vital for business continuity and survivability. With Covid-19 continuing to sweep across Asia Pacific, sustainability and survivability remain top of the mind for business leaders as routine datacentre and critical infrastructure operations are affected due to restrictions on staff movement and access to facilities. So it is timely that Nutanix and Veeam have developed this joint solution.

Nutanix Mine already integrates secondary storage operations with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, delivering a comprehensive solution for both primary and secondary storage within a private cloud environment[1]. The platform eliminates the complexity often found in traditional data protection solutions and removes the usual time consuming and manual processes, such as archiving of devices like tape drives.

Combined with Veeam, Nutanix Mine is further enhanced to make integrated data protection and cloud data management easier, providing performance, web-scalability, and intuitive back-up simplicity. The product comes with a newly-designed dashboard that highlights the status of both Nutanix and Veeam infrastructure and includes a standard number of Veeam licences for easy procurement.

Some of the benefits include:

Fast Time to Value – Better customer experience for ordering, deployment, sizing, management, scaling, agility and support.

Unified IT Operations – Integrated management operations from deployment to day-to-day data management. Eliminates overhead.

Drop-In, Scale Up and Scale Out – Full-stack hypervisor, hardware, platform OS, management, storage, and support.

The solution comes in two form factors: Each optimised for performance and customer requirements. Customers can begin with small or medium solutions, specifically designed to support up to 250 virtual machines (VMs) or 500 VMs[2] respectively.

Both options allow systems to be easily added for up to a maximum of eight nodes. This helps customers meet their growing business needs by increasing their data protection with minimum disruption to the business as it grows.

Customers can quickly deploy Veeam Backup and Replication integrated with Nutanix storage management via a turnkey solution that reduces the time and complexity of data protection across the data centre and cloud. The solution delivers fast time-to-value, unified IT operations, and the ability to easily drop-in and scale up or scale out to meet the needs of today’s modern datacentre.


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