Pine Labs launches app store to help SMBs


Small retailers across India are embarking on their digital journey with Pine Labs. Merchants can now use customer relationship management (CRM), GST billing, inventory management, staff management, barcode scanning, and loyalty programs using Pine Labs’ Plutus Smart Android PoS device.

Over 50 partner apps in these areas are now integrated with the Pine Labs’ Plutus payment system and are helping small retailers manage their business better. Small retailers operating grocery, mobile stores, and small pharmacies no longer need to deploy several different software and devices to meet their business needs. Pine Labs’ Plutus Smart provides a full retail-automation solution, on a single PoS device.

“With the Vyapar app on the Pine Labs PoS, it is easy to manage business and keep track of transactions and bills. It has also helped in creating a trust factor with customers as now I can create invoices in the app and share them,” says Nilesh K Agarwal, a mobile store owner in Narmada, Gujarat.

Commenting on the Pine Labs app ecosystem, Nitish Asthana, President and COO, Pine Labs said, “In the post-Covid period our customers, especially small retailers are relying on digitization to grow their business. An out of box solution on our Plutus Smart PoS device with integrated app ecosystem is helping them jump start this business. We are excited to drive this digital transformation in India.”


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