UiPath pledges to equip 500,000 Indians with automation skills by 2027


UiPath announced new initiatives to increase upskilling opportunities for Indians. Unveiled at the 2024 UiPath Academic Summit held in Bengaluru, India, these initiatives aim to ensure access and opportunity
for Indians to take on new roles in this era of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. The UiPath Academic Alliance program is working with FutureSkills Prime, other partners, and UiPath customers to drive these initiatives, which aim to equip 500,000 Indians with AI and automation skills by 2027.

Expansion of partnership with FutureSkills Prime

UiPath is expanding the partnership with FutureSkills Prime, A MeitY nasscom
initiative, and plans to introduce two new learning plans for business analysts and test automation professionals. The learning plans shall be aligned with National Occupational Standards (NOS). This builds off the existing UiPath RPA Developer Foundation course launched on FutureSkills Prime in July 2023. These new course maps aim to meet the increasing demand for skilled automation professionals in India and create equitable and accessible pathways for individuals to take up emerging jobs.

Ensuring accessibility through financial assistance

To ensure further democratization of digital upskilling opportunities, UiPath will provide 100 scholarships every year over the next three years for economically disadvantaged individuals to pursue UiPath certifications. This initiative will be funded by UiPath partners and customers and is targeted at ensuring equitable access for all individuals to contribute to and benefit from India’s digital economy.
UiPath is also working with its ecosystem to implement automatic interview opportunities for individuals graduating from UiPath Academic Alliance partner institutions. Both internships and full-time roles will be available on this platform, enabling anyone with UiPath certifications to gain access to entry-level jobs within the UiPath ecosystem.

New dedicated training facilities across India

UiPath is set to launch 50 Automation Skills Labs across various colleges in India, expanding opportunities for students to advance their automation skills and expertise. These dedicated facilities, which will be operational by second half of 2024, will focus on skills development, innovation, and research. As part of this initiative, UiPath will work with academic institutions to offer curriculum enhancements, provide opportunities for students to experiment with the development and deployment of UiPath solutions, and engage with the wider industry and community to improve pathways to jobs.

Building automation literacy for all

With automation set to be a critical skill for the future, UiPath is working with its academic partners to build an inclusive environment for anyone to get started with automation. UiPath will introduce the Automation-ready Campus initiative, which will see UiPath Academic Alliance partner institutions running hackathons, digital literacy courses, and ideation programs for staff and students to
try their hand at automation and build future-ready skills.

Creating pathways to jobs

Skilling must be accompanied by clear pathways to jobs. The UiPath Talent Connection program will be launched in India, providing jobseekers
with UiPath certifications multiple pathways to jobs. This ensures that individuals from all backgrounds, from fresh graduates to mid-career switches, have a dedicated platform to network and connect with employers, and take up emerging jobs.

Arun Balasubramanian, Vice President and Managing Director India and South Asia, UiPath said: “The advent of AI and automation opens India’s
economy and population to vast new opportunities, and this must be supported with a dedicated commitment to elevating the skills and expertise available in the market. UiPath recognises the value and urgency in ensuring equitable access to skills training and development, and these new initiatives by the UiPath Academic Alliance underscore our commitment to this cause.”

Kirti Seth, CEO, SSC nasscom said: “Our collaboration with UiPath is an important step to realize the vision of the Skill India Mission. Automation fueled by AI is transforming businesses and to leverage the growing opportunities, Sector Skills Council nasscom is adapting education to meet industry demands with a focus on practical career development. UiPath’s efforts to skill half-a-million learners in India through the introduction of specialized learning plans for in-demand jobs, for 1.7 million learners on the FutureSkills Prime platform will significantly contribute to a skilled workforce that’s ready to make Inevitable India a reality.”

UiPath first rolled out the Academic Alliance program in India in January 2019. Within 3 years, the ecosystem has established thriving partnerships with over 1,000 academic institutions in India’s vocational and higher education sector, impacting more than 350,000 students with the help of over 1,250 educators.


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