Atlanta Systems builds its safety solution ‘Traca-lock’


With the evolution of e-commerce, the need for efficient logistics movement has increased drastically and with that, the cases of theft of goods from logistics carrying vehicles has increased manifold. Responding to need of time Atlanta Systems came up with innovative and revolutionary safety solution Traca-lock which is an amalgamation of electronics and mechanical systems with an imaginative and market-ready approach to ensure the all-round safety for logistics forwarding industry.

Traca-lock is a complete and one point solution to ensure safety and security logistic movement on roadways keeping the elegance of creativity and art close to Atlanta Systems’ solution. Traca-lock is a compact but robust electro-mechanical lock which fits perfectly on the inside of the closed logistic container and provides complete invisibility from outside and and also provides first level of protection.

A unique and time-iterated electronic signal command from the server is given to Traca-lock over the air which provide encrypted safety which create second level safety. Traca-lock working and communication to server push it to next level of safety. It is extremely complicated to crack the Traca-lock safety but very easy to operate and ensure safety of contents inside closed container. The well placed tamper sensors, force impact sensor and auto lock down feature help escalate the solution to robust safety and third level safety.
With Atlanta Systems’ own manufacturing unit and in-house skilled R&D, firmware, software Tram Atlanta Systems brought a unique solution to the reality by creating a perfect amalgamation of need of market, existing electro-mechanical solution and picture-perfect software.

The ease of application and use led to multiple e-commerce giants to use Atlanta Systems’ offering and reduce their theft related losses to nearly 95 per cent. Keeping the market application approach Atlanta Systems equipped the Traca-lock with blue- tooth communication capability to ensure that lock can be operated even in the remote place of earth.

Prior to the deployment of the solution 75 per cent of attempted thefts were successful on highways leading to major losses to e-commerce market. However, post deployment, theft attempts were on a steep rise but theft success rate dropped to mere 13.35 per cent. Atlanta Systems claims it will create a global impression with this project. Also it estimates to float over1,00,000 solutions in the market making its presence more firm and ensuring safety to logistics industry in a more concrete state.

The solution extensively uses IoT platform to connect with server and BLE. It uses GPS location as one of authentication mode to initiate the unlocking process. The lock cannot be opened even with the valid physcial key until OTP is shared to lock internally by server or Bluetooth command.



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