Hipla Technologies stitches together multiple functions of operations


Future Netwings Solution’s IoT platform Hipla touches some obvious, but unaddressed pain points existing in current workplaces, retail, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, exhibitions to name a few. Hipla can integrate all the above on a single platform and provide automated, cost effective outcome and optimised time, with the help of IoT devices and seamless computer/network hardware.

Hipla, the comprehensive smart office solution, introduces unique features for any corporate across industries through its varied applications and advantages to function seamlessly, both internally and with external clients.

Some of these functions contain visitor management system, meeting room and pantry management, asset tracking and people tracking, way finding, hot-desking, parking management, among many others.

Hipla Technologies conducts constant research and development of unique solutions and are way different too. The company has invented and developed instant solutions to cater
to all domains of the industries existing globally.

Post deployment of a visitor management system in any workplace, there has been eradication of paper work completely. It records every visitor detail with face recognition and QR code, and alert based entry and meetings by both the visitor and the employee, and also employee to employee, internally.

It stitches the functions of visitor management, meeting room allocation and functions, auto energy functions inside a meeting room, ordering of items from the pantry, vehicle parking management, seamless entry and exit of the visitor with all data recorded. The product, majorly the software, has been developed in-house. The hardware consists of tablets and smartphone devices.

The transformation from any manual process to an automated one, developed and deployed by Hipla, instantly optimises cost, time and processes while creating a paperless and easy environment to function for a lifetime of any entity, big, medium or small. There is also a major benefit of accuracy of data. Additionally, there is a major security re-established analytics to help any entity to restructure, revive, reorganise its internal processes, for which Hipla is the easiest answer today.

Hipla is the only player in the IoT space today which can stitch together multiple functions of operations within any entity, irrespective of its size, with way finding and process reorientation features along with detailed analytics and data sharing capabilities.



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