AI & ML will be in demand for predictive & proactive operations

Joybrata Mukherjee, Director – Sales, Channel, SI, Alliances and Service Providers, HPE India

Joybrata Mukherjee, Director – Channel, SI, Alliances and Service Providers, HPE India, shares the company’s channel strategies for 2019

Key highlights 2018 and opportunities for 2019
Our vision is to invest in high-growth areas of the market, where the biggest opportunities lie and further enable our partners to sell solutions and differentiate. In 2018 we further enhanced our partner ready program, thereby accelerating the partners profitable growth by rewarding them for investing in product lines aligned to these high-growth market areas, including composable infrastructure, hyper-converged solutions, storage, software and consumption services.

In 2019, a more edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven enterprise approach, coupled with flexible, consumption-based IT, will ease the burden of administration. It will also enable organisations to focus on revenue-generating priorities and new capabilities to accelerate customer innovation and enterprise transformation. HPE has also built an innovative portfolio of products and services that enable customers to successfully take advantage of these trends. These solutions and services coupled with our partner ready ecosystem will continue to create new value opportunities and reduce time to market.

Top tech trends for channel community
In 2019, hybrid cloud will be the norm. The only way to respond to this uber hybrid world is to offer an open approach of building solutions and managing environments—an approach anchored by composability. This will provide organisations with the integration and flexibility to address any workload.

With increased cloud adoption, the pace of business has changed as well. In 2019, infrastructure automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for predictive and proactive operations will be required to achieve agility and keep pace with today ’s data-driven businesses.

The new year will also mark the year of intelligent storage for businesses as IT decision-makers will utilise intelligence to address their always-on, always-fast requirements. Moreover, we will witness the adoption of storage class memory that extends the acceleration and consolidation value of all-flash arrays to even the most demanding workloads that require ultra-low and predictable latency.

Additionally, the explosion of connected things continues to create a wealth of new mobile and IoT-based services and capabilities from the edge to the cloud and across the enterprise. However, securing and managing IoT devices to support business requirements is a top concern for business and technology leaders, along with stopping advanced threats, as hackers continue to get more sophisticated. The challenges will lie in effectively adopting these innovative new technologies, without putting corporate data at risk or burdening IT teams.

Lastly, the pay-as-you-go economic model resonates broadly across the enterprise as the benefits are tangible with consumption-based IT on-premises and managing cloud consumption. It helps them to quickly deploy IT to support new projects, new businesses, and new customers. Consumption-based IT provides businesses with personalised attention, enables them to eliminate some of the ‘heavy lifting’ necessary to operate IT, and allows them to focus on growing their own enterprise. In 2019 and beyond, we believe you’ll see more and more businesses adopt this intelligent IT solution that pays dividends across their organisation.

Channel directions for partners
HPE’s vision is to invest in high-growth areas of the market, where the biggest opportunities lie for us and our partners. Through our Partner Ready Program we are rewarding partners with higher rebates and quicker access to higher membership tiers for their investment and sales of these high-growth products and services, including:

  • Software-defined solutions such as HPE Synergy and HPE SimpliVity
  • Storage solutions such as HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR
  • Software solutions such as HPE OneView and HPE OneSphere
  • Services led solutions such as HPE GreenLake and HPE Datacenter Care

HPE has an unwavering commitment to the channel, we think of our partners as an extension of our own team. It is imperative for the channel community to adapt fast, identify these top big areas and customer needs and accordingly align their strategy to it.


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