IceWarp announces trends and its future plans for 2021


2020 came out as a year of great change and disruption. The global lockdown in March 2020 turned the world upside down and businesses were forced to implement effective remote work solutions. Organizations that were already leveraging cloud communication tools like Email Communication and Collaboration solutions were able to manage the initial change easily. However, the pressure was rigorously witnessed by businesses that were not using cloud communication tools much or at all.

Hence, transforming business activities became the need of the hour. Triggered by COVID-19, businesses got a unique opportunity to challenge convention, adopt new technologies, think creatively, and innovate with the disruption and therefore, made tremendous investments in collaboration applications. Accordingly to a recent survey conducted by Fortune magazine and Deloitte shows “77% of CEOs reported that the COVID-19 crisis accelerated their digital transformation plans”. Similarly, in a survey done by IBM, it is mentioned that “Executives have become more trusting of what technology can do, and they are pushing ahead with the digital transformation”.

Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp, India & Middle East said, “The communication and Collaboration Platforms have seen a rapid demand for their solution as most businesses realized the need to adopt the same. To cater to the increased demand, we at IceWarphave a broader perspective, and for the same, we are continuously upgrading our platform. We have our newer version already planned shortly with a New Dashboard Gen 3 and WebClient which includes Video Emails, and Mobile App for video conferencing and we aim to help organizations to make office work more enjoyable and easy.”

1. Leading attributes for a great workplace- Collaboration allying team members will continue to grow and will become a blend of remote, virtual, and physical presence. As employees want an office environment where they can learn and thrive in their careers, it makes sense that most employees want workplaces that promote easy collaboration.

2. The scaling up of collaboration technologies- As WFH is anticipated to stay more in the ecosystem, Collaboration becomes an essential part of an Email Solution and the industry will continue to innovate in order to enable communication for its customers in the best possible manner and to have an easy to use all in one solution.

3. Rise of Could-Based communication – More and more businesses are and will be switching from on premise Email and collaboration tools to cloud-based communication solutions because firstly, using cloud communication tools help coordinate tasks and allow information using any device, and secondly, facilitating conversations on the cloud makes it easier to pull information, thus it upgrades efficiency.

4. Hybrid is the future of work- Though the offices are going to be open; they will turn into hybrid workplaces. After working from home for almost a year, employees would want the flexibility to choose when, where, and how they want to work. Hence most meetings, even if they take place in the office, will have at least one person who would be working from home and coordinating through collaboration tools.


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