Varanium Cloud to launch Edge Data Center- Hydra in Goa


Varanium Cloud is all set to launch its Edge Data Center in Goa at Panjim on the 27th of December, 2022. This Edge Data Center will be launched under its brand Hydra. The launch aims to facilitate unswerving and proficient computing in smaller cities and dispersed locations.

This Edge Data Center aspires to make the process of communication and data sharing between devices seamless. Its location near the requesting device minimises the time required to deliver information. The information from these systems are then consolidated in a larger data centre allowing centralized processing and an extensive resource base.

Given the immense potential of these centres, they are getting prevalent and are regarded by many as the future of computing and data sharing. Especially, with the rollout of 5G in India, Edge Computing has become the need of the hour, as it will enable 5G to deliver on its latency and bandwidth promises. Varanium Cloud Limited, with this launch, will hop onto this bandwagon. The company plans to launch two more EDCs in Kudal and Mumbai by March 2023.

Harshawardhan Sabale, Managing Director, Varanium Cloud Limited said, “The mission of Varanium Cloud is to ‘build the phy-gital ecosystem for the #nextbillion’. We aim to promote equitable development by identifying the challenges faced by non-urban communities and addressing them through digital solutions. This would bridge the glaring gaps between the urban and non-urban populations and provide the latter with opportunities to enter the mainstream. The launch of the Edge Data Centre is one such endeavour. It moves away from the centralized computing model and helps create a more sustainable and accessible ecosystem.”



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