‘Our aim is to support enterprises in overcoming cybersecurity challenges’

Parvinder Walia, President, Asia Pacific and Japan, ESET

In a bid to expand its footprint in the Indian enterprise market, ESET has not only launched new solutions and services but also strengthened its channel partnerships in the country

ESET, one of the global leaders in cyber security, has recently expanded its enterprise portfolio in India with the launch of version 1.4 of ESET Enterprise Inspector (EEI) and ESET Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Manager (Managed EDR).

The company believes that with the launch of these new products, businesses in India will now have access to the latest industry-leading enterprise security solutions.

Parvinder Walia, President of Asia Pacific and Japan, ESET, says, “Digital transformation, one of the major growth drivers in India, is currently accelerating at an unprecedented rate, and this poses new cybersecurity challenges for enterprises as attack surfaces have also grown in tandem. This means enterprises amongst other things need to secure more devices, networks and applications to keep their data secure from cyberattacks. These launches aim to support enterprises in overcoming these challenges.”

The EEI is a sophisticated EDR tool that helps identify anomalous behaviour and breaches, risk assessment, incident response, investigations, and remediation. It monitors and evaluates all activities happening in the network and allows IT admins to take immediate action if needed to prevent and stop cyberattacks.

ESET has established its presence in India over 10 years ago via reseller partner network and have been growing ever since. The company currently works with two local partners who help grow its presence in the local enterprise market and deploy the latest ESET Enterprise Inspector (EEI) and ESET Managed Detection and Response (Managed EDR) solutions and services. The two partners are TechnoBind, the existing B2B distributor of ESET enterprise products and Sattrix Information Security, an ESET Certified Security Service Partner.

Commenting on the channel partnership, Walia states, “The overall cybersecurity market in India consists of two almost equally divided halves in terms of market size – products and services. This is why ESET, which is known for its innovative products, and Sattrix, which has extensive experience in providing IT infrastructure as a managed service, are excited to expand our portfolios by leveraging each other’s strengths. And together with TechnoBind, this tripartite partnership creates a strong value proposition for our channel partners as well for enterprises in India.”

Even with the right tool, the company recognizes that many enterprises face problems in hiring qualified cybersecurity staff. The ESET Managed EDR security services help enterprises address the need to hire and maintain a team of highly trained, qualified cybersecurity. This is where Sattrix comes in as an ESET Certified Security Service Partner.

Collaborating together with Sattrix, customers will be provided access to a wide range of cybersecurity services by highly-trained security experts who are equipped with the latest tools to support enterprises by monitoring their security networks 24×7 and managing their cybersecurity risks.

“For customers, they will benefit from end-to-end support that includes, local technical support, solutions management, regular security posture assessment, threat hunting along with round-the-clock threat monitoring that will take place in Sattrix’s Security Operations Centre (SOC). This is also where every cybersecurity incident will be investigated, followed by real-time notifications and remediation recommendations to customers,” highlights Walia.

Sachin Gajjar, Founder and CEO of Sattrix Group

Sachin Gajjar, Founder and CEO of Sattrix Group, asserts, “Our highly qualified cybersecurity experts are trained and certified by ESET to provide EEI and Managed EDR solutions and services to be able to support any customer’s needs. Besides, our SOC is an AI-driven threat hunting centre based in India. Coupled with ESET’s leading solutions, we will offer a strong value proposition for enterprises in India. Together, we endeavour to maximise the reach of ESET Managed Endpoint Detection and Response services across India to keep enterprises safe from evolving threats.”

Sattrix has a good track record in providing cybersecurity as a managed service, wherein it has delivered global projects across industry sectors in the complex cybersecurity landscape. The company takes a customised approach to offload its customers’ cyber risks by understanding and working hand in hand with them. This gives Sattrix a competitive edge in providing integrated cybersecurity automated threat hunting services.

Elucidating further on the partnership with ESET, Gajjar points out, “We received a complete 360-degree product training from ESET along with access to ESET library which contains all relevant collaterals, supporting material, case studies and every piece of information that we could ask for. In addition to that, we have tremendous back end technical support from ESET. With our resources and expertise, we can do deep dive on technical explanations and proof of concept (PoC) for customers, which in turn, will show the real value of EEI and Managed EDR to them.”

Both ESET and Sattrix are poised to leverage each other’s strengths to create a strong ecosystem for EDR and Managed EDR solutions and services in India.


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