Transforming HR at Enjay IT Solutions: Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions

Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions

Limesh discussed the fundamental problems facing the HR function and how he worked upon each one of them to bring about HR transformations at Enjay IT Solutions. “Innovation in the HR is the most ignored,” says Limesh Parekh – CEO, Enjay IT Solutions.

Limesh identified the most common HR issues and personally met many HR consultants, talked to MBAs in HR on the best ways to resolve these issues.

There are four typical challenges faced by the HR manager in a company: How to get talented people; how to train people; how to motivate and then keep them motivated and how to retain employees i.e employee retention.

Right hiring

Out of the dialogue with HR experts, Limesh found out that building a culture in the company is important and thus he decided to hire freshers, who don’t have a cultural baggage. Hiring was also done through referrals. Constant engagement with colleges and placement officers, Linkedin jobs and recruiters are some of the other ways through which hiring was done. This helped the company get talented workforce.

Next issue was to train people in the right way. Following techniques were adopted:

– Saturday is the training day
– Best tools were given for training
– The right kind of training was imparted to the right people, who would require the relevant skillsets
– Employees are taken to small picnics. This might sound very boring and normal but many hidden skills of the employees come out during the picnic gathering and outing.
– The company also have an arrangement to take anonymous feedback

How to motivate ?

– Lectures dont work
– Does the CEO have a vision for the company and is he able to sell that vision to the employees
– Help them win
– Provide them better tools
– Set clear expectations
– Weekly breakfast meeting
– Award performer of the week

How to make them stay

– Most people leave bosses
– Provide a career roadmap
– Make available different opportunities to learn
– Maintain a reasonable payscale

Based on the presentation by Limesh Parekh – CEO, Enjay IT Solutions, at the CRN’s Channel Leadership Summit in Khopoli, near Mumbai


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